Where is the food? New Interactive Map from CAFB

How far must you travel in times of emergency to a food pantry or soup kitchen? Do enough services exist for the most vulnerable among our older adults and children?

How far is the nearest Health and Human Services Commission office? Where is the closest Women, Infants and Children clinic or farmers market? Can you access a community garden in your neighborhood?

Capital Area Food Bank of Texas hopes their new interactive map will help you answer these questions and get you thinking about the unique hunger challenges in our community.

The Hunger Relief Map uses 2000 Census data down to the census tract level to display concentrations of poverty in the Food Bank’s 21 county service territory. It also includes points of access to get relief from hunger and food insecurity.

You can even click on the color key to only display the poverty level concentration you’re interested in.

This map will be updated with 2010 Census data as soon as it is available.