Revolution plans health information

Another note on Steve Case’s Revolution Health Group as he releases more information on his plans.

This week he posted a news release on Business Wire that says the RHG has reached preliminary or final agreements with seven companies, with initial areas of focus including:

Convenient Care. RHG will bring affordable, convenient, nurse-provided care to retail locations all across the country.

Health Information. RHG will provide consumers the very best information to help them find a doctor or other health care provider, and to learn more about medical issues and conditions.

Managing Health Finances. RHG will provide consumers with tools to help them manage their health care finances, as well as provide small and mid-sized employers tools to help them help their employees.

Personal Health Records. RHG will provide consumers with secure, easy-to-use personal health records.

Health Care Coverage. RHG will offer consumers new choices in how to pay for their health care.

Without more information at this point, it is hard to assess opportunities for the Society, but it is clear Case intends to make maximum impact including in the areas of health information and personal health records. Case says more details are coming "in the Fall, after the transactions have obtained all necessary legal and regulatory approvals."