Reach out…part 2

This morning in the NYTimes there’s an article that says Google is offering a service by which people will click through on their ads and be connected by voice to the seller. I saw awhile back that e-Bay is going to do something similar. That’s why they bought Skype. It all runs on voice over IP (VoIP) and video over IP (VoIP again?).

So it seems to me that silent, text-filled and form-filled web pages are–except for limited transactions–going to go the way of the dodo bird. The opacity of web sites is going to be replaced soon with audio/video and person-to-person interactivity.

Also, the key tool for social networking is the mobile. I think it’s a misnomer to call the 3G devices "phones." They’re the Swiss Army knife of communication. They’re social-presence tools. Desktops and laptops are devices of a passing era.