Patricia's Plog?

Well, this is new. At least to me it is. I logged on to my account and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Patricia’s Plog. Here’s what Amazon has to say about this.

Your Plog is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different (hence the name) and just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse chronological order. Each post also gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to the sender as to whether you liked the post or not. This feedback loop means your Plog becomes even more relevant and interesting over time. Your Plog will appear if you are logged into our web site and is visible only to you.

Authors with at least one book for sale on are eligible to participate in Amazon Connect. To learn more about the program and to sign up, visit

I really don’t know how I feel about this. Better than Patti’s Plog I guess. Patti Plog? Eh…

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  1. Anything to get you coming back.

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