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A Mobile World: how supporters are using their Smartphones, and why you should care.

A special guest post from our friends at smartonline.com. So first, the big four in mobile.  Our primary goal was to educate nonprofit leaders about the entire mobile channel -not just what many think when they hear ‘mobile’ – Text2Give. Big 4 #1: Mobile Websites.  Nonprofits need to embrace this as a necessary piece of their overall marketing strategy.  An ...

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Online Games and Nonprofits – Lessons Learned

Today we have a sweet guest post from Jenny Nicholson who is the creator of a game called SPENT. She works for the folks at McKinney (http://mckinney.com) and her client was Urban Ministries of Durham (http://umdurham.org) The Game: http://playspent.org Social Media & Non-Profits: Five Lessons from SPENT Before I tell you what we learned from making and launching SPENT, a ...

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What is VideoCamp Teaxas? A Podcast

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Apps for Change – Help Green Ribbon Schools

Hey Gang! Friend of the Blog Steve Amos pointed this cool Nokia (Yes! Nokia) contest out to us this weekend. Can you help support Green Ribbon Schools when you get a second? Steve writes: This app would integrate with the core features on www.greenribbonschools.org, allowing students and teachers to use their mobile phones to create projects, collaborate, capture media and ...

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