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Crowd Sourcing your Nonprofit Website Pt 2

So who won? The Winning Design Our developer, Heather Gardner-Madras can attest to this, our design was not necessarily web ready. Genius Rocket Creative, and designer of the entry we chose as winner, Alexandra Pokras, put together an amazing design which we loved, but making it into a website was the next challenge. For those who may not know Heather, ...

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Crowd Sourcing Your Nonprofit Web Site

Guest post by Jon Dunn Being intrigued by the idea of crowd-sourcing through companies such as Genius Rocket is one thing, actually taking the plunge and spending donor dollars on the service is quite another. That’s the predicament I found myself in several months ago. I work as a volunteer for an Indian wildlife organization, Wildlife SOS. In 2005, the ...

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Why are we doing this to East Austin Kids?

Guest post from my friends over at GivingCity Magazine: Backstory: In March, I wrote a post about Southwest Key’s efforts to improve the educational opportunities and help strengthen the community for the people living where Southwest Key lives, Central East Austin around the former Johnston High School, now Eastside Memorial High School. In that post, I talked about learning how ...

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The NASDAQ of Nonprofits…Almost….

Check out what our fellow NP Nerds launched over at Blackbaud. I love this idea and am now waiting for the weekly updated iphone app tracking these numbers…. Blackbaud today announced the launch of the Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving, a broad-based fundraising index that reports revenue trends of 1400 nonprofit organizations representing $2.2 billion in yearly revenue on a ...

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