Orkut users on a map

This link will take you to a map that shows where the users of Orkut live, based on their zip codes. My understanding is that this is not an Orkut sanctioned activity. The value in this can be the visualization of RFL volunteers using Seibel as a database for the same type of information. On the same note if this is not sanctioned by Orkut it is scary to see who has access to the database.

At the bottom of the mpa eter your zip code in the first box and leave the second box blank. Then go to the top right corner and see the useres in your area.

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  1. Randy, is the link correct? Our nanny software at the Div Office is blocking it because the URL is http://www.datawhorehouse.com !!

    We’re having quite a discussion here in CA Div about privacy policies regarding Siebel data. I doubt any of our donors want their addresses in Siebel used for location purposes. I think we’re going to have to develop some pretty strict guidelines about what data can be put in and how it can be used. We’ll need a privacy policy statement covering the whole organization to share with everyone we gather data on, and then we’ll have to enforce it strictly. There are a lot of tempting ways to imagine using Siebel data, but if people are going to trust us we’re going to have to be up-front about it and avoid getting too creative with their privacy.

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