""Open The Podcast Audio, Hal!"

Courtesy of Scobelizer, I wound up reading Steve’s Blog. Check out his podcasting equipment and watch David Collin turn green with envy.-) As my kids used to say when they were four and saw toy commercials: "I WANT DAT!"

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  1. I’ll take a look once the California Division IT department unblocks your link to Steve’s Blog. We have a Net Nanny here that’s so restrictive, every time I try to get to a new blog it gets blocked as “game content.” So we all waste time with a help ticket.

  2. Steve Lacy has got WAY too much equipment for me. I use a digital recorder ($180) that’s about the size of two packs of gum strapped together. The cool thing is I can take it anywhere like the restaurant where I recorded a conversation with June Chan. I download the WMA file from the recorder to my home computer and use a piece of software ($25)to convert it into MP3. I edit the file in Audacity (free), add some free music, and then upload the whole thing to Audioblog.com ($5/mo.). I publish it to FISpace from Audioblog.

    I’m looking at recently released cameras that take digital stills, MPEG4 video, and audio all in a package the size of a tin of mints. I think anytime-anywhere is important.

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