News from Dr. S

At the risk of creating a little redundancy I want to mention the Independent Sector (IS) annual meeting that John Seffrin brought to our attention in his 11/3 nationwide e-mail. The speech to the assembly by IS CEO Diana Aviv that John recommended is a good thing to listen to. It’s a reminder that the ACS is part of something larger than the cancer community or even the health community. Voluntary agencies are part of the “independent sector,” a meaningful part of society that has the possibility—even the responsibility—to exert leadership in US society in collaboration with other nonprofits. We need to participate in influencing issues beyond our main cancer focus. For my money, I’d like to see us join in a major movement with other health-concerned nonprofits to lead us out of the wilderness of an increasingly dysfunctional health care system.

To that end, I am really pleased by John’s e-mail today of our collaboration with Diabetes and Heart about obesity. It’s the right thing to do, and I hope it leads to other things down the road.

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