New name and a win for a Lights. Camera. Help. program

You may have noticed that we changed our Volunteer Match program to be called Project: Action!. Same great program with a new (and better name). Big thanks to Aaron Bramley for thinking up that name. Project : Action! is an amazing online database that hooks up Nonprofits that need help with Filmmakers. Musicians, and Editors that want to help them.

We had our first official match this week with a great program called Memories for Surviving Kids in Round Rock, TX. Their mission is to encourage the friends and family of deceased parents to write letters for the surviving children. We were able to hook them up with a production company here in Austin called Core Media Entertainment. Now they are in talks and have even set a November deadline for action around the project!

That’s what Lights. Camera. Help. is all about and we are proud to be a part of this match. So interested in learning more? Hop on over to Project : Action! and get signed up today.