New media

I’ve been pretty amazed at the rate that new audio and video oriented internet sites have been coming online. It’s a concomitant of the arrival of the tipping-point for broadband as the dominant mode of the net in the US. I think you’re going to see a pretty rapid switch from the text dominance of low bandwidth to AV dominance of high-band. Here’s some sites that have come to my attention lately. They will probably become footnotes in the history of the switch.

The other crucial thing about these media is that, like blogs, they’re predominantly comprised of home-brew content created by non-professionals. Once again we see the circumvention of the traditional control and decision making structure of MSM. The dominant drive of the internet has got to be P2P, person-to-person.

Another thing is that a lot of this seems to be originating out here in hippie-dippy San Francisco. I love this place.

PS: an anthem for new media? (adult language)

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