NC Hospital Tries Marketing with Patient Blogs

From HealthIT:

A North Carolina hospital is hoping to capitalize on the
growing popularity of Web logs, or
blogs, by turning a
collection of first-person accounts of patient experiences into a marketing

Since March, High Point (N.C.) Regional Health
has been encouraging patients to maintain
personal blogs of
their thoughts, concerns and experiences while going through specific medical
episodes. To date, five patients have posted blogs, describing their experiences
with mini-gastric bypass procedures, prenatal care and cancer for others who
might be considering High Point Regional for their own care.

"Research has shown that journaling, or any form of
expressing your thoughts, can be very beneficial to the people going through a
medical condition," High Point Regional’s marketing coordinator, Aaron Wall,
said. "It actually is a good exercise for them to be able to get their thoughts

One lymphoma patient gave this advice for others undergoing
chemotherapy: "I suggest that you request freezing spray prior to the nurse
sticking you, this stops any discomfort you might feel."