Moore's Law—Prediction to Reality

Paul Otellini became the President and CEO of Intel in May of 2005. One of his predecessors, Andy Grove, predicted ten years ago that  one billion computers would be connected by this year, and he was only off by one year as that will happen in 2007. Otellini says that Intel helped make Moore’s observation about silicon integration a reality that
has fueled the worldwide technology revolution, and has improved the
lives of billions of people.

To address the "computing divide", Intel is focusing on lowering costs, increasing connectivity, and enhancing education. Their World Ahead initiative is worth checking out. Here’s more about how Intel aims to ease the digital divide.


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  1. Good posts, Danny. Technology keeps on chuggin’ and the social and economic changes will be right behind. I saw a couple of days ago that they’re near being able to make a single cell phone chip that can handle cellphone, wi-fi, wimax, bluetooth all in one. It’s tunable. The result: faster, samller, cheaper communication devices.

  2. The Eduwise looks pretty sweet. I wonder what specs it has?

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