Media attention to obesity

In quick succession I got a couple of glimpses of media’s current attention to the obesity problem. While channel surfing last night I came upon “CNN Presents,” a weekly, single-topic show. They did a pretty informative hour about obesity with interviews with experts and with weight-loss successes and failures.

Then this morning while getting ready for work I saw the NBC morning show (Katie, Matt and Al Roker who lost about half his body weight with a gastric bypass) did a segment about how fast-food chains and restaurant chains are shifting their menus to “healthier” fare. Evidently consumers are pressuring the chains to offer something better. Having lived through the ‘80s when McDonald’s McLean burger came and went—replaced by the double-patty, double-bacon, double-cheese burger—I’ve been skeptical that the food industry will do anything constructive. But this story said some chains are experimenting with seasonings to replace butter and frying. The chains say the public will not forego taste for healthier food. I can believe that. Only time will tell what the long-run consumer/industry interaction will be.

I’ll take this opportunity to once again plug the person I think is a great spokesperson for diet/exercise in media, Kathleen Daelemans.

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