Lung Cancer

Just back from a 16 day cruise through the Panama Canal.  We dodged hurricanes, tropical storms typhoons and came away all in one piece.

Steve Forbes, Editor -in-Chief, of Forbes Magazine, October 17th issue, had a few words about lung cancer that are worth repeating as food for thought.

He said that lung cancer annually kills more Americans than liver, colon,  prostate and  brest cancers combined and that it is grossly underfunded. He went on to say that though lung cancer kills four times as many people as breast cancer, the National Cancer Institute last year spent twice as much money on beast cancer than lung cancer.

He says one promising detector is the so called spiral CT scan whicn appear to pick up tumors far better than traditional X rays do..  Trials on  the accuracy of this  scan aren’t schedules to be completed till 2009. It should be sooner.

He says it is no surprise  that most states  are spending most of their  multibillion dollar tobacco settlement  money on pet political projects instead of on projects targeted toward stopping smoking in the first place.

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  1. A most informative guide on lung cancer, thank you, it has provided me with some comfort

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