Leaders needed

Philanthropy Journal – newsarticle Boy, this guy, Todd Cohen, is out to be the gadfly of the charity industry. He’s really taking charities and foundations to task for being risk aversive and uncreatinve. I like this guy!

…running a business (charity) can be tough in a mean marketplace in which donors, funders and charity support groups are mired in pet causes, turf wars, tired ideas and philanthropic correctness.

Institutions like United Way and community foundations that once focused on funding charities and brokering partnerships now chase donors and shy from pushing for change that might offend anyone.

And instead of pandering to funders and government, and throwing elbows at competitors, charities should speak up about their needs, involve funders in their work and find public, private and nonprofit partners.

He doesn’t mean the ACS…of course…but maybe the lack of energy of the charity/nonprofit field brings us all down. For all the money donated, where’s the results?

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