Knocking on those golden Gates

Mega-philanthropist Bill Gates is not just putting a lot of money out for philanhropy ($6.2 billion since ’99), he’s also setting some direction. Half his expenditures(~$3.2 billion) have been to improve health in developing countries. He’s credited with bringing together multiple parties to solve problems, not just pour in money. An admirer says: “Bill Gates is going to be remembered more for what he did for international public health than what he did for the world of computers.” So maybe we’ll forget about some of the grief of Windows?

Big Bill himself says:

With world health every life you save is a wonderful thing, so it’s not this question of whether you solve it or you don’t. The chance of completely solving the problems has long odds. But really, the thing is that you get to save the first child, the second child, the third child. You can just feel good about that.