Jeez, another one

The news seems full of bits about the disruptive nature of new online technology this morning. From the NYTimes

The second-generation Internet technologies — combined with
earlier tools like the Web itself and e-mail — are drastically
reducing the cost of communicating, finding things and distributing and
receiving services online. That means a cost leveling that puts small
companies on equal footing with big ones, making it easier for upstarts
to innovate, disrupt industries and even get big fast.

phenomenon is a big step in the democratization of information
technology. Its imprint is evident well beyond business, in the social
and cultural impact of everything from blogs to online role-playing
games. Still, it seems that small businesses, and the marketplace they
represent, will be affected the most in the overall economy. Long-held
assumptions are suddenly under assault.

The whole Net2 thing is about giving small nonprofits the opportunity to take advantage of this kind of technology and get the benefits of expanding operations by reducing costs.

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