Is this the new cause marketing? The Big Bundle

The Big Bundle Sponsors

The Big Bundle Sponsors

What do you think? Is this the new Cause Marketing? The American Cancer Society is teaming up with a company called TrialPay to market The Big Bundle. This big box of stuff is worth around $700.00 but is selling for around $30.00. They have some great deals. It includes everything from a Papa John’s Gift Card to Trend Micro AntiVirus + AntiSpyware. So what do you think?

Instead of just doing say…yogurt lids, is this the next big thing? Would you buy it to help support a good cause?


  1. I bought it on Friday and have already used some of the deals in it! It’s paid for itself already. Good stuff that everyone should check out and all for a great cause.

  2. I was skeptical initially but decided to take a risk at $30. It turns out to be totally legit. I got a bunch of free software and even got a free pizza. I haven’t used the other freebies yet – just don’t have time. But this seems like a really good deal. Thanks for giving us the heads up on your blog David.

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