Is Causes a game changer for your non-profit?

I know they are trying to be. Seems like they are building some really cool features. Only bad thing is that they don’t let you pack up your data and go home with it. It has to stay in Causes. Interns for Data Entry anyone?

We’ve recently launched a Petition feature that enables you to mobilize supporters around an issue and efficiently deliver a collective message to representatives in Washington and beyond. Once you’ve created a petition through the Nonprofit Dashboard any number of causes can choose to feature it on their main page (send any questions to
Our favorite petition success story to date comes from The Humane Society of the United States, which created a petition to “Tell Petland to STOP Selling Puppies!” in order end inhumane puppy mills. They initially set their goal at 10,000 signatures, but reached it in just 2 days. Their petition has now reached 130,000 signatures and is going strong!

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