Impact counts

Impact counts: Charity should focus on performance.
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Self-criticism seems to be a trend in the NPO community. This is the second opinion piece I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks from within the clan that has not been kind to “ineffective” charities. The concern seems to be that the sins of some are dragging everyone down.

They (unnamed fat, smug charities) pander to donors’ vanity, sugar-coat failure and waste with feel-good jargon, and masquerade as team players while grubbing for turf.

Some charitable agencies and foundations also insulate themselves in a kind of philanthropic priesthood, justifying whatever they choose to do by the rightness of their cause.


I did a few workshops about the future for some Bay Area nonprofits a couple of years ago. I was not impressed with what I saw (nor they with me). Some didn’t seen to realize that the ‘70s were over and just maybe they ought to have a hard look at their mission. Their most frequent question was: “How can I raise more money?” Well, how about doing something relevant to the new millennium?

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