I got a new Job :: HelpAttack!

I know I know…. not a big surprise . David has another project. But this time it’s different. When Sarah Vela approached me in Jan of 2010 about this idea I wanted to say no. Not one more thing on my plate. I had Ridgewood : Ingenious Communications Strategies, Lights. Camera. Help. plus writing the book for Wiley. But the entrepreneur in me kept saying say yes. And I did. I joined HelpAttack! as the COO with Ehren Foss as the CTO and Sarah as our CEO.

And I haven’t looked back since.

HelpAttack is all about turning your actions into social good. Starting with Twitter (but soon Facebook and more) you can pledge an amount of money for each action you take in a social network, and then give it to your favorite nonprofits. Eventually imagine anything that can be counted turning into donations for your favorite causes. Yes we aim to be that big. : )

All the while you are unlocking coins, discovering new nonprofits and causes you might like to support, and helping do everything from planting trees to feeding the homeless.

So why don’t you take it for a test drive while we are in Beta? Let us know what you think on this post and here.


  1. I dig it! Does the user have the ability to add new charities?
    Also, any plans to open this up to political candidates/campaigns, perhaps via ActBlue?

  2. You bet. You can add any 501c3 in the U.S. We are working on those tricky donation to political campaigns soon!