How to vote for the US Cancer Data and Care Disparities Map at the NetSquared Mashup Challenge

Vote 4 Me

Here’s how to vote.

1. You must register with NetSquared’s site to vote. NetSquared is cool so it’s a good idea anyway.

2. Once you’ve logged in go to the bottom of the page where you’ll see the PROJECTS tab. Click on the N2Y3 Mashups Challenge Project Gallery Link.

3. You’ll end up at the project gallery which has a big tag cloud in the section "Explore Project Ideas By Cause Area." Click on Health in the tag cloud.

4. You’ll end up on the Health section. Go down the bottom of the page and click "page 2."

5. Scroll down about 3/4 of the page. We’re "US Cancer Data and Care Disparities Map." (Right below the SexINFO project proposal. Ya can’t miss it.)

6. In the light green field at the top of the proposal space click "Add to my ballot." That gives you a chance to vote for it at the end.

7. You must put 4 more projects on your ballot (you can vote for up to 10). It won’t let you confirm your ballot if there is less than five projects on it. Just go to others and follow the same process to get them on your ballot.

8. In the upper right-hand column you’ll see the your list of ballot items growing. When you’ve got 5 or more you can check the "vote" link at the bottom of your list.

9. The ballot list comes up with check-boxes to the left of each project name. Click the check boxes and click "submit" at the bottom.

10. You’re done. Next time you log in you won’t be able to generate a ballot. But do read some of the other proposals. There are some pretty interesting ones.