How is your Non Profit using Mobile?

When I worked at the American Cancer Society I advised on several mobile campaigns that we had around TXT2GIVE. Or txting to get $$. And over at Lights.Camera.Help. we get people’s cell phones as they sign up for our mailing lists and at events. So what is your strategy around mobile?

The folks over at DIOSA published these tips. What do you think about them? Which ones are you doing or not doing?

Text Campaigns
1. Add a “Mobile” subscribe field to your mailing list pitch on your website.
2. Add a “Mobile” subscribe field to event sign-up sheets and donation slips in your print newsletters and funding appeals.
3. Post Tweets on Twitter and Status Updates on Facebook asking your followers to subscribe your text campaign.
4. Less is more. Don’t text your supporters too often!
5. Mix up your text message schedule.
6. Make sure your text messages don’t arrive during sleeping hours.
7. Limit text alerts to 140-160 characters.

Mobile Websites
1. Link to the mobile versions of your social networking profiles on your organization’s mobile website.
2. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your text alerts and e-mail newsletter onm your mobile website.

Smartphone Apps
1. Feature your smartphone App(s) on your website and blog with screenshots and “Download the App” buttons.


  1. Great post. The diosa points are spot on. I would also say that an org could utilize some of the mobile list builder tools out there that often come included with text2give packages. Sometimes service providers (disclaimer! such as mine) include engaging apps, such as polls, q&a, etc. Participants are asked if they want to optin.

    I’d also add that the content being sent should be interesting, short, and provide a link to learn more.

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