Hot time in the Valley

A commentary from The San Jose Mercury News about the offshoring thing hints that the discussion is getting so heated you’d do well to wear oven mitts when reading the paper. It attempts to be fair and balanced (don’t sue me Fox) by acknowledging it is difficult with the competition from Asia, but, chin up, the Valley (and Austin and Boston too, I presume) can come roaring back with innovation. To paraphrase the old saw about retail property, there’s three things you need to succeed: innovation, innovation, and…innovation.

Pedal to the metal. Full throttle. Again, I just wonder what the social consequences are when relentless, no-holds-barred competition to create the “next great thing” (and the one after that) has everyone in a stampede. Maybe the Singularitarians are right when they claim the graph of change during the next decades will look like a hockey stick. But it was pretty crazy around 1999, and a lot of people are happy that things have slowed down (unless, of course, you’re unemployed).