Hire Math Men. Not Mad Men.

As you know I’ve joined Clearhead. Clearhead is the leading digital optimization startup in North America. We provide AB testing, personalization, and web analytics services to nearly 40+ digital teams across North America and Western Europe.  Clearhead is based in Austin and has nearly 50 professionals organized into these six practices: Executive Consultants, Optimization Directors, UX Design, Development, Analytics, and Project Management.


Clearhead is a full service UX and digital product agency offering the full suite of agency services including strategy, UX design, product development, and analytics.  The unique differentiators are twofold:  (1) Clearhead is led by former practitioners. Just like Ant’s Eye View. It’s full of former B2B and B2C people so we’re very familiar with your perspective, goals, KPI’s, and challenges, (2) Everything we recommend or build has been validated by data. Our goal is to give you confidence that your investments will live up to the promised return.

I know I am going to love working here because it really aligns with things important to me. The very DNA of this company is data-driven and is focused on learning. Our startup is problem focused and not solution focused. And our clients love it. I’ve also been super impressed with the founders, Matty Wishnow, Ryan Garner and Sam Decker. They are also allowing me to follow my passion of giving back by helping form Clearhead’s first corporate responsibility efforts over the next couple of years.

When it comes to the consulting I’ve done for the last seven years across Fortune 1000 clients and large nonprofits, running the tests isn’t the problem. Reporting isn’t the problem. The problem is moving the people and behavior, day in and out, towards more validated and likely to succeed decisions. No one else I know is working on that. And that’s what we’re solving for with our new consulting business. What’s the right combination of people, process and technology? Of course you want to test & optimize. But you’re not sure if your org chart and internal culture and practices support these new rules. That’s the problem I’m here to explore with the Clearhead team.

As I make this natural career progression from digital marketing to data-driven marketing I’d love to have you along for the ride. Drop me a line on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my new email and follow along on my Blog and Medium for more

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