Hey Programmers – Do you help non-profits? Get Listed.

From the folks at Idealware – a nonprofit that provides trusted reviews of software products to nonprofits – is in the midst of researching a comprehensive comparison of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Plone for the nonprofit sector.  This report will include a CMS Service Provider Directory, and we’d love to include you.

In the same vein as our popular Online Donation and Grants Management reports, our team, led by Michelle Murrain, will rigorously research the features that are important to nonprofits in Content Management Systems, do a feature by feature comparison of the systems, and then summarize the findings into an easy-to-understand report.

The report will also include a directory of service providers: those companies or individuals that implement WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Plone or other content management systems for nonprofit organizations, or those that help nonprofits chose among them.  Want to reach thousands – if not tens of thousands – of nonprofit staff members who are researching content management systems?

Interested?  Read more about the report, directory, listings, and other advertising opportunities at http://www.idealware.org/os_cms_report_sponsors.php.

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