Hey Non Profit IT wonks! You getting paid enough?

We’re close to wrapping up the 4th Annual Nonprofit IT Staffing Survey, brought to you by NTEN and The Nonprofit Times. But we need your input to put us over the top. The generosity of time given by nonprofit techies like yourself has allowed us to create reports on the state of IT staffing in the sector that have been read thousands of times.

As with most things involving data, the real value of these reports will come over time, as we map the trends. We’re making it easy for you to fill the gap between expensive benchmarking services, costing thousands of dollars, and going it alone. We’re surveying thousands of staff at nonprofits big and small to find out what it takes to make technology work for them and what qualified staff they need. In turn, we want to give you the hard numbers you need to invest in technology. So, we need you to share your experiences.

> Take the Online Survey

If you make technology decisions for your nonprofit, please take the survey, then pass it on to a colleague or six! The survey will find out:

  • How many people it takes to manage technology at a nonprofit
  • What exactly nonprofit technology staff do and how much they are paid
  • How nonprofits can find and keep good people

We’ll share the results with you in 2010, including:

  • Data to compare your organization to others like you
  • Benchmarks to help you plan projects and purchases
  • Statistics and information to use in grant proposals

It should only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete.