Health Reminder Assistant

The Health Reminder Assistant is close to pilot launch. The big question in my mind is, “will people play” will they go online and use the service? From a technology standpoint, the system rocks. An extremely complex back end using IVR, PHP, XML, and encrypted with 64 bit encryption. But really its the front end that brings folks back. So the next big challenge will be to design an innovative hook to keep folks coming back.
Here are some of the latest cool things we are adding:
1. System Tray tool: A desktop icon you can add that will alert you to a pending reminder
2. Algorithm: Automatically determines what reminders you need and gives you educational information on each reminder
3. HTML Email: Increases the aesthetics of the reminders

If your are interested in learning more about the pilot corporations goto:

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  1. Last month, Kris and I made a brief presentation to our Senior Management Team on the funded products of FIC. I did a little demo of the HRA – suffice to say there were some oohss and ahs. It was well received…

  2. Adam, I think the question: “Will they play?”, is an important one. I’m trying to remember from your reports on our conference calls what internal support and communication the companies will give. Also, what sort of communications will go through their intranets?
    I’m pretty convinced that the trick to any service is getting information about it under the noses of users as often as the company will tolerate. You’ve got to get their attention over and over. The reminder system may need a reminder system, especially early on. The big hose of information today in any organization is e-mail. Anything outside of that gets less attention.
    I promised not to use Lotus Notes in CA Division for FI Space. I’m thinking of renege on that promise. I’d like to generate an RSS summary of posts and send it out periodically through Notes.

  3. RSS feed would be excellent! I was just talking with Jeremy the other day of creating RSS feeds from our wellness content to broadcast out to corporate intranets (essentially and automatically updating extranet portal). I think there is huge potential with XML and its ability to act a unifier for ACS and corporations.