Hankering for independence?

Around here we’ve been discussing things like work/life balance, teleworking, and flexible work. Here’s a few links I ran across today that–I hope–give people something to think about.


This US Chamber of Commerce report says individual entrepreneurship is an important element of the future US economy. Back in the ’50s and ’60’s this was called "freelancing." In the lste ’90s it was "free agency." The trouble is that when the economy tanks these are the first people to lose income.

New Model For Getting Rich Online

It seems that some people are turning web sites that started out as passionate hobbies or blogs into revenue-producing activities with click-through ads from Google AdWords and other services. Getting "rich" sounds like a stretch, but it’s definitely supplementing the household income for some.

Office? It’s in the Yard

If you’re going to work independently you’ve gotta have a place to do it. A company called Cedarsheds that ordinarily makes gazebos and hot-tub enclosures has started making kits for backyard home offices.

"Everyone is trying to become their own boss. It’s the flexibility, and
being able to call your own shots," Cedarsheds President Bruce Cheng
said. "With that and gas prices, people want to work from a home office
and employers are getting more receptive."

Yeah, and the moths won’t eat your clothes, either!

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