Google Lively

Google Lively
is out, and it looks interesting. The space – a 3 dimensional virtual
world brings in some visual elements of Second Life and
Lively has predetermined rooms for chat and conversation and although
there appears to be an exceptional amount of avatar customization, from
the outset there seems to be little more environmental control other
than designing a room.

The immediate question is what are the greater community building and tolerances of the Lively system. After just finishing Clay Shirky’s new book
and really thinking about the nature of group formation tools I wonder
if this is just another one and how tolerant will it be (bing a
corporate space) of alternative and non traditional groups using
Lively. The tool and its technological capacity are far less important
to Lively’s future compared to the management philosophy that governs


  1. I think being a product of Google gives Lively a good chance of pushing further into our web lives. Of course not everyone is interested in having a Google account, but products like Lively will continue to increase the #’s of google accounts. I look forward to seeing Lively grow and where it will go.

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