Google algorithms / funny outcomes / ACS IM

Another TypePad author’s blog references a funny event, and a sad truth about Google. It is clear that the author wrote a piece on IM’s that automatically answer questions, and a young girl thought he was a sort of IM encyclopedia. Interesting concept through … if would arm the ACS National call center with IM capabilities it could open up a whole new dimension to communicating with the patients that we service. The IM is very sterile and affords a sort of detached safety, and although some patients want to speak with a human, some want pure anonymity. My interesting take on the use of IM in business.

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  1. Randy,
    Actually IM would be a bad thing for cancer patients IMO. The amount of calls and emails that the avg NCIC employee takes in one day is staggerring. In their current enviroment there would be no way for them to properly manage IM. Plus we already have “pure anonymity” if you want with the eNCIC avilable on Plus from what my friends who work there say You though understanding people on the phone was hard, can you imagine over IM?

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