Goin' daffy

Multimedia message

Every spring–and spring is in full swing here on the West Coast–a lovely bunch of daffodils perched on the embankment of a road I drive to the office puts on the display seen above. The thing is it gets a little bigger every year. They’re essentially growing wild and are tended by no one. This year I resolved to get a picture, so I pulled over, flipped on my hazard blinkers and pretended to be stalled while I snapped the pic out the window. This bunch is in Orinda, CA.

Of course, in the ACS this is the season of Daffodil Days, a fundraising drive with donations for bunches of the flowers. Some staff are so deep in daffodil organization that they see the flowers in their dreams–or maybe their nightmares. If you want to order daffys of your own, check-out our website: Daffodil Days.

Since the flowers above are growing like weeds, I thought, maybe the ACS should go around planting bulbs on roadsides all over the state sort of like the fabled Johnny Appleseed. Have a campaign to get donations for the bulbs in fall and have people plant them in their guardens or maybe a hillside or freeway median and, voila, beauty in the spring. Talk about spreading your brand.

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