The Non Profit Times, nptimes, in a recent issue , projected what Foundations and On-line giving will  be like in 5 years.

Dorothy Ridings, president of the Council on Foundations, discussed Foundations and Rick Christ, Sr. consultant of, discussed On-line giving.

For Foundations, Riding says that the current scrutiny will cause the field to become more resilient and robust, more in keeping with their mission in the public interest. Policies and practices will tighten up. Institutional governance will be examined and improved, as well as identifying prudent  operational improvements.  .  New confidence means  Foundations in 2010 will be stronger, healthier and more mission-centered.  The field Will continue to grows.

For On line Giving Christ guesses that charitable income will derive 25 % of their income that way.  But it will not completely replace face-to-face giving or even direct mail and the telephone.

In general,donor loyalty will be strained by more choices, by the decreasing attention span of younger donors.  We will have to be much more  nimble than we are now.  We will have to offer multiple messages for  every demographic group.  On-line communication will allow much smaller,  shorter-lived campaigns.