Your photos mapped worldwide

In an article on TechWeb, Smugmug Inc. says it is showing where a photo is taken by adding Google Inc.’s satellite imagery-based mapping to its photo-sharing service.

The company says that "subscribers can enter the address for any photo or click a spot on a map to link their pictures to any latitude and longitude on Earth. When people visit subscribers’ online albums, they can click a map button to see photos integrated with Google maps, which include the ability to zoom in on a location."

Photos uploaded with location data from handheld Global Positioning System devices or GPS integrated cameras, and camera phones are automatically made ready for mapping in subscribers’ photo galleries, the company says.

Is there a way to use this creatively with Relay For Life or other ACS international events?

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  1. Seems to me we absolutely can use this. We can use services to map where the Relays are taking place and link the photos, blogs, podcasts to them. It would help pre-event publicity and involvement. Maybe we could even do virtual Relays using the maps as artificial terrain with makers to show “progress” related to some activity or to $$ raised. I’ve felt for some time that Relay’s sense of physical location was too restrictive. I think we need to break loose from the idea that a Relay is at a football field and create a greater sense of space in a community and use the maps to let people participate in a variety of ways in an event they can track on the maps.

  2. Geography clearly has an effect on who enters a given Relay. It would be interesting to see it represented in a form of scatter graph over these visuals.