For Angelinos only

A professor at Dartmouth did a study and found that “racial groups in Los Angeles are more segregated where they live than where they work.” Interesting, but tell me something I don’t already know. It took a scientific study to figure that out? Okay, let me be less snarky and say I think there must be some useful information in the study. But if you’ve lived there or even visited for a while, this seems obvious. Somebody suggest a city that isn’t residentially segregated.

In a similar vein…

the Public Policy Institute of California has issued one of a demographic study titled “California’s Multiracial Population.” They looked at recent census data and saw how more and more people mark the boxes for “mixed race” instead of the traditional racial categories. This too is pretty obvious when you walk the streets of about any city in California—or most of urban America for that matter. But this FREE report (a PDF) has the stats. I suggest the residential segregation mentioned above will only go away when multi-racial genetics becomes the norm.

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