Fluffy has a home page too.

The social software revolution is now making room for pets. Backwash.com is encouraging pet owners to sign up their pets and have them dialogue with each other. This is important because it shows that every single specialty group can find, or make a home for themselves on the internet. This is a reflection of human society. Interaction is no longer relegated to face to face communication … now your dog can meet another pup outside of the park just like their owner. This link here will take you to see Scanner’s personal page. Also you can visit a pets only social software site here.

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  1. Net visionaries have always maintained that it would be possible for every group, not matter how small (pets ain’t small) to have their own convenient, cheap way of communicating on the Web. To some people this is a dream of egalitarianism come true; to others it’s a nightmare of trivial garbage.

  2. The question to be asked is not if they can do it … it is should they do it.

  3. I suppose that’s the big question of social norms on the Net. Who decides what should and should not be there? It’s a free-for-all. I expect it to stay that way for a long time–i.e., I’m a pretty strong civil libertarian and generally against government censorship and control of the Net. Others wouldn’t agree with my standards.

  4. Woof. Bark. Whine. No growling. Dogs blog. Blogging dogs. A Dog Blogroll.

    All at my canine blog.


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