FI Space: CA-Tools 2.0 Name Change and Update

Just a quick update for those of you helping to fund this project. On 3/18 I met with NHO staff from Health Initiatives and Direct Channels as well as the Futuring and Innovation Center and re-named the CA-Tools 2.0 to the C-Tools 2.0. This will be the new name of the program going forth.

On 3/22 we determined that due to a lack of information we have decided to cancel the Children’s BMI Calculator at this time. This leaves us a total of
11 tools. We are currently working on filling the last slot with another application

On 3/23 our developer sent us a mock-up of our first completed tool for the Palm Pilot. You can email me and I will be happy to send you tool in a zip file.

Please let me know any feedback you may have. Our next meeting will be April 8th from 1:30-2:30pm Central Time.