Fair and balanced

Okay, since I’ve been whining that my laptop wi-fi is turned off, I feel duty-bound to report the following article my wife pointed out to me in my local newspaper. It’s "Hackers a Danger for W-Fi, Hotel Internet," by Audrey Dutton. Sure enough, wi-fi without safeguards is a danger at hotels and hotspots. There are key-stroke loggers and other spy tactics that can be used to get access to your computer or company network.

But let me drop the other shoe: even the ethernet connections in hotels that don’t issue passwords to access their intenet gateways are not much better. Usecured hotel networks are one big open network.

The article goes on to suggest use of firewalls and spyware/virus software as important protections. Suffice it to say, mobile security is not a trivial problem. I’d just like to see a proactive approach to finding solutions.

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