Donor Values

Face to face fund raising is the fastest growing income source for many British charities. What is it? The concept is to pay solicitors to meet with prospects and sign them up for monthly direct debits from their bank accounts. With an average yearly value of 411.00 BP or US $700.00 the system has promise but only if donors can be retained for several years. Retention however seems to be a developing problem. Studies have indicated that over half of the lapsed donors in these programs intended to participate for a year or less. If attrition rates prove to be that high the costs of acquisition will exceed donor value. More discouraging are the indications that the majority of donors in these programs do not expect or desire a long-term relationship with the charity.

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  1. Is that saying the basics don’t change? In many respects the ACS has always recognized that f-t-f relationships are the most powerful ones. But the relationship has to be maintained and that takes time and effort. Funny, I just came out of a CRM meeting. It seems we’re as committed to relationships as ever with a big bet that the Siebel system and associated protocols can be made more productive and cost-effective.

  2. Face to face is the most powerful sales mode and often the only one that works when the concept is a complicated one, like monthly giving by a signed authorization to debit to a bank account. The British charities have tended to spend significantly on keeping these relationships,in large part because of the high up front costs of paid face to face solicition.The current British research indicates their donors are not interested in relationships.A real catch 22.

  3. Yes, I think often the idea of a “relationship” is wishful thinking on the part of the business or organization, usually the more ardent suitor. If you suggested a “relationship” existed to customer often the response would be. “What relationship?”