Do You Want to Live Forever?

A fellow named Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey at Cambridge University is working on it. (He looks a little like Rasputin, but that’s beside the point.)  What’s interesting is that he calls his project "engineered negligible senescence." Instead of talking about "immortality"–a loaded, controversial idea–de Grey is focusing on engineering a  reduction in the processes that cause senescence–i.e., aging–at the cellular level. If accomplished, he thinks we can live indefinitely. His approach is focused on seven things:


Reducing loss and atrophy of cells
Reducing accumulation of cellls that are not wanted
Reducing chromosome mutations (very central to cancer)
Reducing mutations in mitochondria
Reducing accumulation of "junk" in cells
Reducing accumulation of junk outside cells
Reducing cross-links in proteins outside cells

Sounds like a snap! Well at least it’s sort of specific. He’s got a website: