Convergence and its discontents

Here’s an article from the NT Times about the disruption going on in the media industry as, suddenly, the long-discussed idea of "convergence" is actually happening. Large-screen TV, digital video, iPod video, iTunes, mobile phone video and music, Internet video, etc, etc, are coming together in a big mashup. Devices of all kinds are not only displaying stuff in many ways, but they’re also beginning to communicate with each other.

All this is causing three forms of angst among execs:

  1. Business-model anxiety
  2. Creative anxiety
  3. Control anxiety

But, in my opinion, here’s the trick: the same issues extend to all businesses and organizations. This isn’t just about entertainment. All of us create messages and communications with customers and constituents. We are all little media companies. So the same issues and challenges face us all. The question is how to be nimble enough to realize the opportunities of media and communication convergence and not be left in the dust.

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