Charitable Giving and Income Brackets

Thanks to Rushworth Kidder of the Institute for Global Ethics for point this out in his weekly Ethics Newsline. The NewTithing Group
has compiled an IRS based assessment of charitable giving using the
percentage of income donated and income brackets.  The graph shows a
conclusion that may be startling to some – those who make less tend to
give a higher percentage of their income to charity.


As an employee of a nonprofit agency it makes me wonder about our
strategy for raising the funds we need to fulfill, in
our case, a life saving mission. With this knowledge should we endeavor
to engage those who give the lowest percentage?  Should we provide more
donation opportunities, and how can we better capture their support?
Or are there other issue and challenges that only this higher income
bracket are experiencing that may be monopolizing their resources.  Is
it possible that even though they are earning considerably more money,
they just don’t have anything to give to charity?  Addressing this
challenge could provide agencies and associations some much needed
direction in attracting and retaining these higher end donors. As posted on Community Mobilization.