C-Tools Enters the Blogsphere

Well it’s been about a week now since we released C-Tools 2.0 into the wild and the results are looking good. We have gotten some really nice mentions from traditional medical sites as well as the traditional software sites. So here’s where it gets interesting. This week I have visited as many Blog sites as I could that have to ...

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I am please to announce the launch of our conference website for National Voluntary Health Agency Innovations Conference.  This year I am putting together the conference and the focus is on Social Network Media, and how it will impact the way that we do business as a health nonprofit.  There are a twenty plus speakers coming from the blogosphere, VCs, ...

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The Power of Original Thinking

There may be some food for thought here. P&G has created a work environment where ideas flow.  At their fabric and homecare innovation center even the height of the cubicle dividers have been researched to allow both privacy and active conversation.  Labs are open plan to allow scientists to swap ideas and see what others are doing.  The four floors ...

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An Evolutionary Approach to Innovation

Fast Company’s  last couple of issues have featured a lot of content about innovation. Like this article. Can biology teach us anything about innovation? The essence of Darwinism is that progress is created by adaptation to changed conditions. What starts as a random mutation can also spread to become the norm through a process of natural selection.

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