C-Tools 2.0 Update

Hello All. Here is our update for the month of Sept.

– Since being featured on Gizmodo and Infosync earlier this month we have received over 100 applications for people to beta test the C-Tools 2.0. We also were contacted by a professional quality assurance firm (Alterion) who agreed to help us manage the Beta test. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped make this happen!

– For all of you on the mailing list that decided to join the Beta test
later this week you will be receiving your application forms from Alterion. Please make sure you fill them out and return them to the email listed. Also please make sure you have Alterion on your list of trusted senders.

– In other news our mailing list has grown from 242 people to 515 people in the space of one month and our Web site (www.cancer.org/c-tools) received over 3,200 views.

– Finally this month we launched our very own Blog/Web site about C-Tools. You can find the RSS Feed here. Please subscribe as we will have updates on a weekly basis.

Thanks for reading and have a good month!