Biologically inspired design

Take a look at this group that is linked to Georgia Tech – and the Bioneers Southeast Forum coming to Atlanta this week:

An interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently formed the Center for Biologically Inspired Design with "the goal of capitalizing on the rich source of design solutions present in biological processes. The researchers believe nature can inspire design and engineering solutions that are efficient, practical, and sustainable and thus have the potential to greatly enhance new technologies, materials, and processes."

The recent press release says, "Bioneers is a network of citizens, scientists, and entrepreneurs that explores practical solutions adapted from natural systems and native cultures and then applies these solutions to fundamental environmental, economic, and social challenges. Its long-term goal is to engage leaders in various fields in a conversation and learning process to help them understand the root causes of the region’s economic, social, and environmental problems. Then leaders can make decisions based on the long-term impacts on the broader community and the natural environment."

The group encourages interaction among its initial 17 members, and it expects an increase in biomimetic research – research in biologically inspired design. Already, however, biomimetic research projects are under way in biosensing, materials design, locomotory devices, systems organization, and "green" technology.

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