Better Blogging Brainstorm at SXSW

On a personal note, I thought I would check out Better Blogging Brainstorming  – which started out about passion and blogging and why you should find an audience for what you care about. This session’s panel talked about experienced bloggers and their best tips for creating compelling content. Most of the speakers started out as writers before blogging was the in-thing to do and were glad to find a forum for expression. Much like the speakers’ blogs, they presented stories about their lives during the presentation and why they felt compelled to find networks of like minds. Now that Liza Sabater has become an entrepreneur of the blog world, she has separated her personal blog from her Culturekitchen Network. Same with Tony Pierce at Buzznet, he has a personal blog aside from Buzznet. The discussion turned to the philosophical – the freedom of blogging and how that scares some people about writing what they think [and these bloggers do]. Look for these speakers at their blogs: Cameron Barrett at BlogCorp Inc, Helen Jane Hearn. By the way, I am in a room of 200 people who are doing some major multitasking during the session – we have our laptops out for blogging and to surf the internet and then to connect with friends using our mobile devices. More later.

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