Are you in Austin? Do you work at a non-profit?

Then you should check out the event below. I will be on a panel with some other great speakers talking about Social Media and Beating Cancer:

7th Annual Crossroads Conference
The Next Giant Leap Toward Nonprofit Excellence

Significant change for nonprofits is happening now, and more is coming around the corner. Are you ready?

Spend the day investing in YOUR professional development at the only conference in Central Texas focused solely on the interests of nonprofit professionals and board members.

Where else can you, in one day:
Dialogue with others who share similar roles in a facilitated setting;
Choose from 15 all-new workshops to attend, featuring national and regional nonprofit leaders, professors, consultants, and more;
Spend time exploring your personal communication style and what that means for how you lead and work in teams – sign up to receive your own DISC profile to get the most out of this session;
Learn how to get the word out about your organization using social media tools; and
Learn about outstanding achievements by local nonprofits in the areas of Innovation, Service Excellence, Collaboration, and Learning in Action over lunch at the 2008 Nonprofit Excellence Awards…
And spend as little as $100 doing so?

Find out more about what will be happening at Crossroads through our blog, which will feature entries by, not only Greenlights staff members, but speakers and others who have been involved with organizing the event.
Where will you be on September 25th?


2008 Crossroads Conference
for Nonprofit Excellence
September 25, 2008 |  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Austin Convention Center

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