Are the Bells Ringing?

The Salvation Army bell ringer may be no more.

Forced to stop the bell at certain stores and a light that says people are moving towards the Internet, the most resourceful charity, the Salvation Army, at $1.3 Billion per year, may stop the bell.

They took in $94 Million last year at the bell, but it pales to the extent that the charity brings in $1.3 Billion per year.

On the other had, the bell ringer touches everyday Americans in a tangible way. “No matter how much money you collect online, there’s a face-to-face quality of charitable giving that can’t be replaced”, says Rick Cohen, executive director for Responsive Philanthropy.

It is hard to have your cake and eat it too. At the ACS we raise money both ways too.
We should use the face-to-face method that leads a donor to make unsolicited cyberspace contributions later

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