Another thought re spam

Pretty much like everybody I was getting spam with my personal email. I ignored it for quite a while because I don’t use that email address a lot. Then it turned into a torrent of phony email, and I thought I’d have to abandon that address.

Instead I installed Thunderbird, the email client that is a companion to Mozilla’s Firefox. It has a nifty filter that learns and is easy to use. If you have a big batch of spam sitting in your mailbox like I did, you mark each piece of junk and let the program remove it to a file that becomes part of the filter. Immediately I got a sharp reduction in spam. Each time I get a new batch of mail I mark any spam that gets through as junk and let the program chew on it. After doing that a half-dozen times the spam that gets through has dropped to nearly nothing, yet I get the legit mail just fine.

I’m a big fan of both Firefox and Thunderbird. Way superior to Microsoft’s browser and email clients. If this sounds like a blatant plug, well, it is.